Using ID as Query String Parameter in SharePoint (Reserved Query String Parameters for SharePoint)

While developing custom web part we may need to redirect to some page with some Query String.  In SharePoint there are some reserved query strings

When creating the SPContext object SharePoint evaluates the following query string parameters if provided(To ensure that the creation of the SPContext object does not fail your application should ensure that your query string parameters are different from those listed below):
  • FeatureId
  • ListTemplate
  • List
  • ID
  • VersionNo
  • ContentTypeId
  • RootFolder
  • View
  • FolderCTID
  • Mode
  • Type
  • PageVersion
  • IsDlg
  • Title
  • _V3List_

Dont use above query string parameter in your custom development or you will get some error like -Object reference not set to an instance of an object by using query string


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