Default Master Page in SharePoint/ SharePoint OOB master pages

The master pages available in SharePoint 2010 are described here.

Name / default file name
Uses on a SharePoint site
Primary master page
Used for content and administration pages. Provides the interface and layout for SharePoint 2010.
Team Site home page, list and library pages, and site settings page.
Minimal master page
Contains minimal SharePoint content, used for full-screen functionality or embedded applications.
The home and search results pages on a Search Center, pages that host Word or Excel web applications.
Publishing master page
Used for pages on a SharePoint Server publishing-enabled site.
The home page, about us, or press release page on a publishing intranet, extranet, or Internet-facing site.
2007 default master page
Used to support legacy SharePoint sites, which haven’t been visually upgraded to SharePoint 2010.
Home page, site pages, and list pages on a SharePoint 2007 site before visual upgrade.

There is one more master page, simplev4.master, which is used for SharePoint-specific screens, like Login.aspx, Error.aspx, and Confirmation.aspx. This master page, however, is located on the server and cannot be customized in SharePoint Designer 2010.

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